Theater Courtesy Policy

Show Interruptions: If a show were to be interrupted due to mechanical failure, power outage or a severe weather alert, we look to the operating window of the feature as to whether or not the film can resume, or must be cancelled. If a feature is resumed after a modest interruption, we often pass out Quality Service Pledge coupons that contain a free 20oz soft drink coupon. Patrons wishing to leave will be compensated.

Parking Lot Theft: Even though we often send our staff into the parking areas for observation, we strongly recommend all patrons to remove valuables from plain sight in their cars. We have placed signs in our parking lot entrances to this affect. However, theft can occur. Many of our theaters provide video surveillance of our lots and can provide footage to police if necessary.

Crying Babies and Noisy Children: We respectfully request parents to remove crying babies and noisy children from the theater and take them to the lobby. If circumstances require that the family may have to leave, a refund will gladly be offered.

Disruptive Patrons: If our management staff discovers patrons who are disruptive in the theater, at their discretion, the management may give the offending patrons a warning or ask them to leave. At their discretion, a manager may offer a refund to assist in the process, or simply require that they immediately leave the building.

Cell Phones (Texting): Goodrich Quality Theaters respectfully requests all patrons turn off their cell phones before a feature. Our paramount concern is the excellent presentation of a film to our patrons. The light emitted from a cell phone is incredibly distracting to those in the line of sight. At the manager’s discretion, an offending patron may be asked to shut off the cell phone, or may be asked to leave, with or without a refund. Texting is treated with equal concern.

Film Piracy: Goodrich Quality Theaters enforces the prohibition on film piracy supported by local state and federal law, the MPAA, NATO and the FBI. The video taping or photographing of any portion of a film is not tolerated. At the discretion of the manager, an offending patron may be removed from the theater, or subject to arrest.

Food: As a rule, Goodrich Quality Theaters does allow outside food and drink that must be consumed in the lobby. No glass bottles may be brought into the theater. Foods similar to what we sell, like popcorn and candy, may be brought into the auditoriums.

Severe Weather: Goodrich Quality Theaters does reserve the right to shut down a film to warn the audience of severe weather situations (snow, tornado), both for their own safety and the safety concerns of family who may not be with them.

Refusal of Admittance: Goodrich Quality Theaters reserves the right to refuse admission to any party. At the manager’s discretion, patrons who appear to be intoxicated or otherwise disruptive to the general audience may be denied a ticket.

“R” Rating Policy: While Goodrich Quality Theaters does not “card” all patrons at all times for “R” features, we do card individuals who appear to be under the MPAA ratings age groups. It is true that not all “R” rated films are created equal and we do redouble our efforts for “R” films of known extreme content.

Ticket Retention: All patrons are urged to retain their ticket stubs once torn at box office. This is both for proof of purchase in the need to leave the theater, or for a refund in the event the patron must leave the premises.

Refund Policy: Goodrich Quality Theaters will typically refund any patron who wishes to leave a film for any reason within the first 20 minutes of the presentation. After that time, the nature of the need for a refund is at the manager discretion. Often a Quality Service Coupon or Emergency Ticket may be employed to solve a situation.

Children 2 and Under: One lap child 2 and under is free when sitting in the same seat as a paying adult.

Special Needs: Goodrich Quality Theaters is committed to helping those patrons with special needs. In all cases, it is suggested that you seek a management member for assistance. Early admission to a studio, handicapped seating, Assistive Listening Devices and other support will gladly be offered.